“Running Man Challenge”

image1 (2) image3 image2 (1)Have you heard of the Running Man Challenge?  If not it’s a new trend.  It is a challenge where you do a dance resembling running to the song called My Boo by Ghost Town DJ’s.  The song was released in 1995.  The challenge went viral on Instagram with the tagging system.  It was also able to keep someones attention for the whole video due to it being really short.

The dance move was first seen in Janet Jackson’s music video “rhythm Nation.”   In the video it shows Janet and her back up dancers doing dances.  Near the end of the music video they all do the dance in synchronization

The original video was posted to Instagram by 2 high schoolers named Kevin Vincent and Jeremiah Hall.  In January 2016 the challenge started to gain ground.  By March the challenge became a “thing.”  Then by April it became a internet phenomenon.

Almost half way through May I think the challenge can only go up.  But by the the summer I think it will die down.  I also think it won’t be as popular as the ALS ice bucket challenge, that lasted for an extremely long time for a challenge.  Or on Instagram use the tag #RunningManChallenge.

On youtube there are compilations of the Running Man Challenge.  You can just search that to find them on YouTube.

The challenge first started becoming popular when college sports teams started doing team videos.  It also started to grow more when internet stars also started to the challenge.  Most things grow from internet stars doing things and nominating other internet stars.

Comment if you have been nominated to do the running man challenge.



“Ghost Pepper Challenge”

The Ghost Pepper Challenge is a challenge were you eat a Ghost Pepper.  Not much.  The Pepper is one of the spiciest pepper in the world.  It has over 1 million scovilles.   0 scovilles is a bell pepper’s spiciness. image1 (9)

This is a very dangerous challenge.  If you manege to get the juice in your eye you will become blind and it will hurt…… A LOT.   Also if you are not use to extremely spicy food then it will be very painful.

To do the challenge you must eat the Ghost Pepper while filming it.  Chew it and swallow it without water or milk.  Most people cannot handle the pepper because it is soo hot.

India planned to use the pepper’s juice in non-lethal grenades.  Also some Northern Indians use the pepper in smoke bombs to ward off wild elephants.  The sometimes put the juices on fences to keep things out.


image3 (3)



The pepper used to be the spiciest thing on the planet.

The pepper is also known as the bhut jolokia chili pepper.  It is a hybrid pepper.  That is why it is so spicy.  The pepper comes from Northern India.  Some locals from India use the pepper to spice their food up. It is usually eaten fresh or dried.

If you are not used to eating extremely spicy food  eating the pepper you will probably make you sweat,  get stomach cramps, and being very uncomfortable after consuming the pepper.
What is the spiciest thing you have ever eaten.  Comment down bellow what it was.


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