“Chubby Bunny Challenge”


The origin of the challenge is unknown.  But it most likely had started in 1950s in a camp challenge.  I think the chubby bunny challenge might be the oldest challenge ever.

The chubby bunny challenge is dangerous!  You probably think that the challenge is innocent and fun but it is a choking hazard.  There have been at least 2 deaths will doing the challenge.  Both of the deaths have been suffocating on the multiple marshmallows in their mouths.  Both were at fair contests.  One of them was a very young girl only 12 years old.  The other was a 32 year old.

How to attempt the challenge.  First you put a marshmallow in your mouth and say chubby bunny.  You repeat these steps until you can’t say chubby bunny anymore.  Attempt the challenge at your own risk.  If you attempt the challenge then have someone close by just encase something goes wrong.marshmallow 1

The challenge started to become extremely popular when YouTubers started to try the challenge.  After reading my blog you should go on YouTube and look at some chubby bunny challenge videos.  Also do you have any favorite chubby bunny videos.tedeHave you ever heard of the chubby bunny challenge.  If not, the chubby bunny challenge is a food challenge were you put one marshmallow in your mouth at a time and say chubby bunny.  You repeat this until you can’t say it anymore.  It is that simple.

Have you ever tried to do the chubby bunny challenge.  If so comment how many marshmallows you put in your mouth and have a nice day.


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