“The Cinnamon Challenge “

Have you ever heard about the cinnamon challenge.  If you haven’t it is a challenge were someone tries to swallow a spoon full of cinnamon in under one minute with out any liquids.  Most people fail the challenge and end up spraying the cinnamon all over the place.  The cinnamon coats your mouth, throat causing you to cough, possibly irritation in your mouth and in your nose and other horrible things.image2

There are many other food challenges that do terrible things to you.  Some make you puke like the gallon challenge and the banana sprite challenge.  Most food challenges are pretty bad for you and not very pleasant.  Challenges like this should not exist but I realize it is funny to see some of your favorite or hated YouTubers go through this.

image1 (1)

The challenge is dangerous if you do it.  The dry cinnamon can cause your lungs to collapse in extreme cases.  You can also get pneumonia or some breathing problems and most likely discomfort.  It will also be very messy when you cough up all the cinnamon.  If you don’t want some of these symptoms/problems then don’t try this challenge.


The challenge was invented in 2001 but didn’t start rolling in 2007.  The challenge reached its peak in mid to late 2012 when bigger YouTubers started to do the challenge.  It grew extremely popular with big YouTubers taking the challenge.  You can probably find many videos of your favorite YouTubers doing the challenge in 2012.  You can also find some compilation of the challenge showing some of the best ones.

Do you have any favorite cinnamon challenge videos if so comment down bellow?


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