Do you remember shuffling.  If you don’t it was a dance move from the late 1980s.  The dance move became popular in the 90s.  At the time it was called the Melbourne Shuffle.  It started in a music video in the 80s when a video had a scene of people shuffling in Melbourne, Australia.   Shuffling is over 30 years old. The move might even be the longest lasting internet trend ever.

Videos of shuffling started soon after you were able to view videos on the internet.

While the internet was starting to become a big thing shuffling was being spread by it.  The first video sharing websites had many videos of tutorial of shuffling.  Some say that shuffling helped the internet be what it is like today.

image2 (2)

people have made competitions of shuffling were they face off against other “shufflers”.  Now when you look back at this it is pretty weird and embarrassing.  I think it is cringe worthy now.

I first heard of shuffling from a music video called “Party Rock.”  The song was created by a group named LMFAO in early 2011.  The music video was uploaded in march.  The video has over 1 billion views.

Their music video is the most popular shuffling video ever.  It is also one of the most popular videos on YouTube.

image3 (2)

The trend right now is not very hot.  It started to die in the summer of 2012.  Shuffling as a popular trend was over by the start of 2013.

Shuffling may be the longest lasting trend ever.  Will it comeback?  Tell me what you think by commenting down bellow.


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