“John Cena”

You must remember John Cena.  This is a trend from last year and I sorta still going.  The real John Cena is a WWE wrestler and an actor.

John Cena has been in very few movies.  The latest one was Trainwreck, the Fred Series, The Marine, and a little more.  He was not in many good movies yet.U-CANT-SEE-ME

The trend became popular when a video called “John Cena Prank Call” was uploaded to YouTube on March 11, 2015.  A little over a year!  Also the video has 28 million views.  The video was a radio show Pranking a listener’s Wife about buying “tickets” to a WWE Match.  After the 2nd time she gets a call from them she started getting really angry.  they called her around 6 times.  After the 6th time the radio show told her what was going on.  Have you seen the video.


A video called “Unexpected John Cena” also helped make John Cena a trend.  The trend was avideo were someone cuts a clip from something and the clip plays for a short amount of time.  After that John Cena’s entrance music plays.  It is great, also they are still pretty funny.

Some people can get very creative with these.  They can put in the music after a character says “I am” or something very similar to that.  You can find plenty of videos of these on YouTube.  There is a video with a whole compilation of them on YouTube.


Do you have any favorite “John Cena” videos, if so comment down bellow.





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