“Deez Nuts”

You Remember one of the trends last year called “deez nuts”.  If you don’t remember the trend it was a video of a man, Welven Harris, called his Dad and said something came in the mail.  Once his dad asked what had come in the mail, Welven said “deez nuts, ha got em.”

image2 (1)

The video was first posted to Instagram on March 20th, 2015 by Welven. His Instagram is Welvendagreat.  4 days latter a YouTuber named Javalicius helped spread deez nuts across the web by posting an extended version of the video.

I believe why the video has gained so much popularity is that people have made different versions of the video.  People have made videos of movie clips and replacing a line a character says and replacing the line and cutting out what they say then replace it with deez nuts.  Some Viners have taken video and when someone asks them a question they respond with deez nuts.

image1 (7)

These new versions helped keep deez nuts relevant and some what funny.  There are some rare ones that are very cleaver and funny.  There are some good ones and a lot of terrible videos.  After reading this you should go check out some deez nuts videos.

Welven was even in a pistachio commercial.  The commercial shows Welven shoving Pistachios in his pocket in front of cops.  Then he asks the cops if they are with the LAPD.  When the cops nod, Welven says LAP deez nuts.  After he says, the cops take out their batons and start beating Welven up as he eats his pistachios.  It is very strange I know.  You should check it out.image3 (1)

Welven uses his Instagram everyday but his posts are very strange.  He has 1.2 million followers and I am not planning on being one of them.  His Instagram shows that he is into basketball.  He also has a lot of videos that other people had made for him.  Welven also has a Vine and it is Welvendagreat.  You probably should’t look at his vine it is most likely very similar to his Instagram.

Comment down bellow if you have any favorite deez nuts videos.  Also check out my other content.




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