Do you remember planking?  Probably not, it was a small trend were you lay on your stomach and just stay there.  It was not much.  It started in late 2010  The trend was pictures not videos.

You might have saw someone planking when watching a YouTube video in 2011.  Major YouTubers did videos of planking.  YouTubers like NigaHiga made a couple of videos of planking.  NigaHiga also made a spin off of planking called milking.  Milking is were you walk while dumping a gallon of milk on your head.

image1 (2)

Planking first started when two friends Gary Clarkson and Christian Langdon went to random locations and planked.  They just did it to pass time and to have a little laugh.  At the time they called it the lying down game.

Gary and Christian also created some rules to planking.  1. You must lay face down. 2.  Your palms must be at your side.  3. Your feet must be together and pointing straight at the floor. 4. You must be completely still.

People have planked in the weirdest places.  Places like on a railroad, on top of a Kmart sign, and Trees. Someone even planked in a planes engine!  Some people have risked a lot trying to get a funny place to plank.  If you look hard enough on the internet you will find the most creative planking photos ever.  I will leave it to you to find them.

image1 (3)

Some places are so dangerous to plank at the someone died trying to plank.  An Australian named Acton Beale died trying to plank on May 15, 2011 his apartment rails preventing someone falling off.  He fell off the 7th story rails and fell to his death.  He was only 20 years old at the time.

People have been fined for planking in some places.  Someone planked on a police car and was fined 303 dollars.  Some people trespassed and were fined by the owners of the property.  Some people have planked in roads blocking cars from driving by.  These people have created a reputation that makes planking look bad.




Have you ever planked?  If so comment down bellow where you have.




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