Do you remember the Harlem shake?

Do you remember the Harlem Shake?  If you don’t it was a trend from 2013.  The Harlem Shake consisted of one person in a group dancing/shaking to the Harlem Shake song then once the song hits one point everyone starts dancing,shaking and contorting.

Many people created different versions like a Star Wars one and one under water.  Do you have any favorite themes.  What I remember my Junior High Staff doing one.  New versions like these helped keep the trend fresh and sorta new.  However like every trend it dies.  The Harlem Shake lasted a lot longer than most trends.


In 2012-2013 every big name YouTuber did the Harlem Shake.  Ones like Smosh and Nigahiga.  These big name YouTubers helped spread the trend and kept it trending/alive.  At the height of is popularity around 4,000 videos of the Harlem Shake were being posted every day.  The Trend dropped of the map roughly in July 2013.

The Trend started around the beginning of 2013.  The first video was posted on YouTube on February 2 2013 by a channel named DizastaMusic.  The video contained 4 guys just dancing then once the base drops the shake and do the normal Harlem Shake stuff.

My favorite Harlem Shake video was the Russian army one.  From what I can recall the video was in the snow and they were Russian.  Once the bass drops around 10 other soldiers start shaking.  Some are in a sleeping bags, some have their shirts of and one has a horse mask.  Almost every video has a horse mask.  What was your favorite Harlem Shake video, comment down bellow.


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