Damn Daniel

Damn Daniel is meme that started last week on Monday.  It is about a kid named Josh who says “Damn Daniel” to his friend.  The video was taken on Snapchat and posted on Twitter.  The video has 330,000 retweets and almost 450,000 likes.  The video also has 45 million hits around the web.image1 (5)

Daniel and Josh were invited to be on the Ellen show.  While on the show Josh and Daniel explained how they started it and how fast it got popular.  Also Ellen gave Josh got a surfboard and Daniel got a life time supply of vans.  They are not all white.

Daniel is a freshman and Josh is a sophomore.  They both go to different high schools.  Daniel goes to Riverside Poly High School and Josh goes to Riverside High School.

The videos became popular when people started to respond back that they love the videos.  After all the good feedback  Josh and Daniel started making the videos everyday after 6th period on the pool deck.image1 (6)

The video is getting so much fame that someone “swatted” Daniel on Tuesday.  Swatting is when you make a fake phone call to the police saying something that will get the S.W.A.T. team involved to go to that individual’s house.  The prank is illegal and if you are caught you will be put in jail.

If you have not seen Damn Daniel you should look it up and watch it.  If you have comment what you think about it.



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