ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

You probably remember the ice bucket challenge because almost everyone did it last year.  The challenge started in the July of 2014 and ended around March and April 2015.  The ice bucket challenge is an activity were you dump ice water on someone’s head to raise awareness for ALS ,also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.  You spread the challenge by saying 3 names of people you want to do the challenge and donate to an ALS charity.

The challenge was popularized by celebrities and YouTube stars doing the challenge then challenging other celebrities.  Some celebrities that did the ice bucket challenge where Benedict Cumberbatch, Leonardo DiCaprio, Taylor Swift, and the Harry Potter cast.  Even Obama did the challenge. image3

Some videos were pretty creative and some others were very generic.  My favorite ice bucket challenge video is the one that the YouTube Matimi0 did.  He first dumped the water on his head.  After that he did a back flip.



So many people did the challenge that Fail Army did a video of ” Best ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Fails Compilation.”  This is a video of people getting wrecked doing the challenge.  Some were the person dumping the water accidentally dropped the bucket on the persons head.


image1 (4)


The challenge raised a little over 220 million dollars total.  Bill Gates raised around half the money and performed the challenge.  The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg also performed the challenge.

You should watch some ice bucket challenge videos and some fail videos.  Also Comment some of your favorite videos of the challenge.



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