What are those!

The first time you saw what are those you either found it yourself or a friend sent it to you or tagged you in a video.  The first time watching it you were most likely confused and thinking “what is this.”  Then After watching the video a couple times you watch other what are those videos.  After watching more and more you probably sent it to a friend or tagged some in one.




What are those is a Internet meme of one person pointing at another persons feet and saying what are those.  What are those was posted on June 14th, 2015.  The video was about a man pointing at a police officers boots and saying what are those.

image1 (1)

This video caught attention and short video makers started making little videos of what are those videos.  Once the videos were posted it became an internet sensation.  What are those was easy to make so many people started making their own what are those videos.  I believe that this is one of the reasons that what are those became a trend.  Another reason I think that What are those became popular is people can share things and it gets sent to people all over the world.  Then once people see enough of videos they start saying what are those.


Recently what are those is going out the door and becoming the past.  Like most memes it will be forgotten with in a year.  Memes like 9+10=21 is gone but you still remember it.  I suggest that you should watch some old trends like 9=10=21 and Lebron James.  After watching some think to your self and wonder why did we think that this was funny.


My favorite What are those is the one were an older man is standing in water and the person recording the video jumps in the water.  Once he is under water he points at his shoes and says what are those.  After watching the video a couple times i felt that you can get very very creative making what are those videos.  This is the only one that stands out to me and one of the only ones I remember.  What is your favorite what are those videos and how many do you remember.


image1 (2)







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