“Running Man Challenge”

image1 (2) image3 image2 (1)Have you heard of the Running Man Challenge?  If not it’s a new trend.  It is a challenge where you do a dance resembling running to the song called My Boo by Ghost Town DJ’s.  The song was released in 1995.  The challenge went viral on Instagram with the tagging system.  It was also able to keep someones attention for the whole video due to it being really short.

The dance move was first seen in Janet Jackson’s music video “rhythm Nation.”   In the video it shows Janet and her back up dancers doing dances.  Near the end of the music video they all do the dance in synchronization

The original video was posted to Instagram by 2 high schoolers named Kevin Vincent and Jeremiah Hall.  In January 2016 the challenge started to gain ground.  By March the challenge became a “thing.”  Then by April it became a internet phenomenon.

Almost half way through May I think the challenge can only go up.  But by the the summer I think it will die down.  I also think it won’t be as popular as the ALS ice bucket challenge, that lasted for an extremely long time for a challenge.  Or on Instagram use the tag #RunningManChallenge.

On youtube there are compilations of the Running Man Challenge.  You can just search that to find them on YouTube.

The challenge first started becoming popular when college sports teams started doing team videos.  It also started to grow more when internet stars also started to the challenge.  Most things grow from internet stars doing things and nominating other internet stars.

Comment if you have been nominated to do the running man challenge.



“Ghost Pepper Challenge”

The Ghost Pepper Challenge is a challenge were you eat a Ghost Pepper.  Not much.  The Pepper is one of the spiciest pepper in the world.  It has over 1 million scovilles.   0 scovilles is a bell pepper’s spiciness. image1 (9)

This is a very dangerous challenge.  If you manege to get the juice in your eye you will become blind and it will hurt…… A LOT.   Also if you are not use to extremely spicy food then it will be very painful.

To do the challenge you must eat the Ghost Pepper while filming it.  Chew it and swallow it without water or milk.  Most people cannot handle the pepper because it is soo hot.

India planned to use the pepper’s juice in non-lethal grenades.  Also some Northern Indians use the pepper in smoke bombs to ward off wild elephants.  The sometimes put the juices on fences to keep things out.


image3 (3)



The pepper used to be the spiciest thing on the planet.

The pepper is also known as the bhut jolokia chili pepper.  It is a hybrid pepper.  That is why it is so spicy.  The pepper comes from Northern India.  Some locals from India use the pepper to spice their food up. It is usually eaten fresh or dried.

If you are not used to eating extremely spicy food  eating the pepper you will probably make you sweat,  get stomach cramps, and being very uncomfortable after consuming the pepper.
What is the spiciest thing you have ever eaten.  Comment down bellow what it was.


image2 (3)

“Chubby Bunny Challenge”


The origin of the challenge is unknown.  But it most likely had started in 1950s in a camp challenge.  I think the chubby bunny challenge might be the oldest challenge ever.

The chubby bunny challenge is dangerous!  You probably think that the challenge is innocent and fun but it is a choking hazard.  There have been at least 2 deaths will doing the challenge.  Both of the deaths have been suffocating on the multiple marshmallows in their mouths.  Both were at fair contests.  One of them was a very young girl only 12 years old.  The other was a 32 year old.

How to attempt the challenge.  First you put a marshmallow in your mouth and say chubby bunny.  You repeat these steps until you can’t say chubby bunny anymore.  Attempt the challenge at your own risk.  If you attempt the challenge then have someone close by just encase something goes wrong.marshmallow 1

The challenge started to become extremely popular when YouTubers started to try the challenge.  After reading my blog you should go on YouTube and look at some chubby bunny challenge videos.  Also do you have any favorite chubby bunny videos.tedeHave you ever heard of the chubby bunny challenge.  If not, the chubby bunny challenge is a food challenge were you put one marshmallow in your mouth at a time and say chubby bunny.  You repeat this until you can’t say it anymore.  It is that simple.

Have you ever tried to do the chubby bunny challenge.  If so comment how many marshmallows you put in your mouth and have a nice day.

“The Cinnamon Challenge “

Have you ever heard about the cinnamon challenge.  If you haven’t it is a challenge were someone tries to swallow a spoon full of cinnamon in under one minute with out any liquids.  Most people fail the challenge and end up spraying the cinnamon all over the place.  The cinnamon coats your mouth, throat causing you to cough, possibly irritation in your mouth and in your nose and other horrible things.image2

There are many other food challenges that do terrible things to you.  Some make you puke like the gallon challenge and the banana sprite challenge.  Most food challenges are pretty bad for you and not very pleasant.  Challenges like this should not exist but I realize it is funny to see some of your favorite or hated YouTubers go through this.

image1 (1)

The challenge is dangerous if you do it.  The dry cinnamon can cause your lungs to collapse in extreme cases.  You can also get pneumonia or some breathing problems and most likely discomfort.  It will also be very messy when you cough up all the cinnamon.  If you don’t want some of these symptoms/problems then don’t try this challenge.


The challenge was invented in 2001 but didn’t start rolling in 2007.  The challenge reached its peak in mid to late 2012 when bigger YouTubers started to do the challenge.  It grew extremely popular with big YouTubers taking the challenge.  You can probably find many videos of your favorite YouTubers doing the challenge in 2012.  You can also find some compilation of the challenge showing some of the best ones.

Do you have any favorite cinnamon challenge videos if so comment down bellow?


Do you remember shuffling.  If you don’t it was a dance move from the late 1980s.  The dance move became popular in the 90s.  At the time it was called the Melbourne Shuffle.  It started in a music video in the 80s when a video had a scene of people shuffling in Melbourne, Australia.   Shuffling is over 30 years old. The move might even be the longest lasting internet trend ever.

Videos of shuffling started soon after you were able to view videos on the internet.

While the internet was starting to become a big thing shuffling was being spread by it.  The first video sharing websites had many videos of tutorial of shuffling.  Some say that shuffling helped the internet be what it is like today.

image2 (2)

people have made competitions of shuffling were they face off against other “shufflers”.  Now when you look back at this it is pretty weird and embarrassing.  I think it is cringe worthy now.

I first heard of shuffling from a music video called “Party Rock.”  The song was created by a group named LMFAO in early 2011.  The music video was uploaded in march.  The video has over 1 billion views.

Their music video is the most popular shuffling video ever.  It is also one of the most popular videos on YouTube.

image3 (2)

The trend right now is not very hot.  It started to die in the summer of 2012.  Shuffling as a popular trend was over by the start of 2013.

Shuffling may be the longest lasting trend ever.  Will it comeback?  Tell me what you think by commenting down bellow.


image1 (8)


“John Cena”

You must remember John Cena.  This is a trend from last year and I sorta still going.  The real John Cena is a WWE wrestler and an actor.

John Cena has been in very few movies.  The latest one was Trainwreck, the Fred Series, The Marine, and a little more.  He was not in many good movies yet.U-CANT-SEE-ME

The trend became popular when a video called “John Cena Prank Call” was uploaded to YouTube on March 11, 2015.  A little over a year!  Also the video has 28 million views.  The video was a radio show Pranking a listener’s Wife about buying “tickets” to a WWE Match.  After the 2nd time she gets a call from them she started getting really angry.  they called her around 6 times.  After the 6th time the radio show told her what was going on.  Have you seen the video.


A video called “Unexpected John Cena” also helped make John Cena a trend.  The trend was avideo were someone cuts a clip from something and the clip plays for a short amount of time.  After that John Cena’s entrance music plays.  It is great, also they are still pretty funny.

Some people can get very creative with these.  They can put in the music after a character says “I am” or something very similar to that.  You can find plenty of videos of these on YouTube.  There is a video with a whole compilation of them on YouTube.


Do you have any favorite “John Cena” videos, if so comment down bellow.




“Deez Nuts”

You Remember one of the trends last year called “deez nuts”.  If you don’t remember the trend it was a video of a man, Welven Harris, called his Dad and said something came in the mail.  Once his dad asked what had come in the mail, Welven said “deez nuts, ha got em.”

image2 (1)

The video was first posted to Instagram on March 20th, 2015 by Welven. His Instagram is Welvendagreat.  4 days latter a YouTuber named Javalicius helped spread deez nuts across the web by posting an extended version of the video.

I believe why the video has gained so much popularity is that people have made different versions of the video.  People have made videos of movie clips and replacing a line a character says and replacing the line and cutting out what they say then replace it with deez nuts.  Some Viners have taken video and when someone asks them a question they respond with deez nuts.

image1 (7)

These new versions helped keep deez nuts relevant and some what funny.  There are some rare ones that are very cleaver and funny.  There are some good ones and a lot of terrible videos.  After reading this you should go check out some deez nuts videos.

Welven was even in a pistachio commercial.  The commercial shows Welven shoving Pistachios in his pocket in front of cops.  Then he asks the cops if they are with the LAPD.  When the cops nod, Welven says LAP deez nuts.  After he says, the cops take out their batons and start beating Welven up as he eats his pistachios.  It is very strange I know.  You should check it out.image3 (1)

Welven uses his Instagram everyday but his posts are very strange.  He has 1.2 million followers and I am not planning on being one of them.  His Instagram shows that he is into basketball.  He also has a lot of videos that other people had made for him.  Welven also has a Vine and it is Welvendagreat.  You probably should’t look at his vine it is most likely very similar to his Instagram.

Comment down bellow if you have any favorite deez nuts videos.  Also check out my other content.




Do you remember planking?  Probably not, it was a small trend were you lay on your stomach and just stay there.  It was not much.  It started in late 2010  The trend was pictures not videos.

You might have saw someone planking when watching a YouTube video in 2011.  Major YouTubers did videos of planking.  YouTubers like NigaHiga made a couple of videos of planking.  NigaHiga also made a spin off of planking called milking.  Milking is were you walk while dumping a gallon of milk on your head.

image1 (2)

Planking first started when two friends Gary Clarkson and Christian Langdon went to random locations and planked.  They just did it to pass time and to have a little laugh.  At the time they called it the lying down game.

Gary and Christian also created some rules to planking.  1. You must lay face down. 2.  Your palms must be at your side.  3. Your feet must be together and pointing straight at the floor. 4. You must be completely still.

People have planked in the weirdest places.  Places like on a railroad, on top of a Kmart sign, and Trees. Someone even planked in a planes engine!  Some people have risked a lot trying to get a funny place to plank.  If you look hard enough on the internet you will find the most creative planking photos ever.  I will leave it to you to find them.

image1 (3)

Some places are so dangerous to plank at the someone died trying to plank.  An Australian named Acton Beale died trying to plank on May 15, 2011 his apartment rails preventing someone falling off.  He fell off the 7th story rails and fell to his death.  He was only 20 years old at the time.

People have been fined for planking in some places.  Someone planked on a police car and was fined 303 dollars.  Some people trespassed and were fined by the owners of the property.  Some people have planked in roads blocking cars from driving by.  These people have created a reputation that makes planking look bad.




Have you ever planked?  If so comment down bellow where you have.



Do you remember the Harlem shake?

Do you remember the Harlem Shake?  If you don’t it was a trend from 2013.  The Harlem Shake consisted of one person in a group dancing/shaking to the Harlem Shake song then once the song hits one point everyone starts dancing,shaking and contorting.

Many people created different versions like a Star Wars one and one under water.  Do you have any favorite themes.  What I remember my Junior High Staff doing one.  New versions like these helped keep the trend fresh and sorta new.  However like every trend it dies.  The Harlem Shake lasted a lot longer than most trends.


In 2012-2013 every big name YouTuber did the Harlem Shake.  Ones like Smosh and Nigahiga.  These big name YouTubers helped spread the trend and kept it trending/alive.  At the height of is popularity around 4,000 videos of the Harlem Shake were being posted every day.  The Trend dropped of the map roughly in July 2013.

The Trend started around the beginning of 2013.  The first video was posted on YouTube on February 2 2013 by a channel named DizastaMusic.  The video contained 4 guys just dancing then once the base drops the shake and do the normal Harlem Shake stuff.

My favorite Harlem Shake video was the Russian army one.  From what I can recall the video was in the snow and they were Russian.  Once the bass drops around 10 other soldiers start shaking.  Some are in a sleeping bags, some have their shirts of and one has a horse mask.  Almost every video has a horse mask.  What was your favorite Harlem Shake video, comment down bellow.

Damn Daniel

Damn Daniel is meme that started last week on Monday.  It is about a kid named Josh who says “Damn Daniel” to his friend.  The video was taken on Snapchat and posted on Twitter.  The video has 330,000 retweets and almost 450,000 likes.  The video also has 45 million hits around the web.image1 (5)

Daniel and Josh were invited to be on the Ellen show.  While on the show Josh and Daniel explained how they started it and how fast it got popular.  Also Ellen gave Josh got a surfboard and Daniel got a life time supply of vans.  They are not all white.

Daniel is a freshman and Josh is a sophomore.  They both go to different high schools.  Daniel goes to Riverside Poly High School and Josh goes to Riverside High School.

The videos became popular when people started to respond back that they love the videos.  After all the good feedback  Josh and Daniel started making the videos everyday after 6th period on the pool deck.image1 (6)

The video is getting so much fame that someone “swatted” Daniel on Tuesday.  Swatting is when you make a fake phone call to the police saying something that will get the S.W.A.T. team involved to go to that individual’s house.  The prank is illegal and if you are caught you will be put in jail.

If you have not seen Damn Daniel you should look it up and watch it.  If you have comment what you think about it.